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3DPartFinder for Solid Edge

3DPartFinder for Solid Edge

3DSemantix is proud to have joined the Siemens PLM partner program and pleased to announce 3DPartFinder for the Solid Edge CAD application!  Bring real efficiency to your searches directly in Solid Edge!

3DPartFinder provides high accuracy 3D search capabilities to all users of Solid Edge and also provides the ability to search within Windows File Based systems and multiple PLM/PDM environments.
3DPartFinder solutions use a proprietary and revolutionary, geometric shape search technology that brings simplicity to your search for parts. It finds parts based on your search criteria and displays suitable matches, ranking them according to their similarities for further analysis.

The initial search can be done in various ways. One approach is to load an existing file of the target part and launch 3DPartFinder. Another approach is to sketch the 3D shape of the target part in your CAD application, and then have the search engine find similar parts and related information.

Available for Solid Edge CAD systems (ST6, ST5 and ST4). 3DPartFinder also provides the ability to analyze your Database or PLM vaults and find part Duplicates and Quasi-Duplicates without any classification.

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