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3DPartFinder for SolidWorks

3DPartFinder for SolidWorks

3DPartFinder for SolidWorks is totally implemented as an add-in to your SolidWorks CAD application. It was designed to bring geometric search capabilities to all users of this renowned CAD application. 
With 3DPartFinder, users are able to search in different or combined environments including Windows File Based systems or in PDM environments such as Enterprise PDM (EPDM) or Workgroup PDM.

3DPartFinder V4 geometric search engine is available for enterprises with multiple CAD users in networks with or without a PLM/PDM system. 3DPartFinder Enterprise is for small, medium and large companies where efficiency and sharing of knowledge is important. Using a second generation 3D search engine, 3DPartFinder allows for multiple search capabilities with different file formats in a centralized server or in single or multiple PLM/PDM environments. 3DPartFinder Enterprise also provides the ability to search for parts directly from an assembly.


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