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Connectors for Aras Workspace Explorer

Connectors for Aras Workspace Explorer
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It's an all too familiar sight - a Windows Explorer folder filled with dozens, hundreds, possibly thousands of CAD files - and very little useful information about them.

Beyond the basic information such as the name, type, size of the file, and the last time it was saved-to-disk, are the answers to critical questions, such as:

  • Is this copy of the file the "Latest-and-Greatest" version, or has someone recently changed it?
  • Who else has a copy of and is currently working on this file?
  • How many times has this file changed since it was created. and . . .
  • What were the changes, Who made them, When . . .and Why?

In this brief overview video, we'll demonstrate how Essig PLM's CAD Connector Workspace Explorer instantly and accurately answers these important questions - and more.