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PLM: Understanding, Justifying and Realizing

Why PLM? Why do it now? How do you get there from here?

This 3-Part PLM Web Series is hosted by PLM industry expert Dr. John Stark, widely-known authority, consultant, and author of many articles and books on PLM, PDM, CAD, and IS in Manufacturing. When presented live, this PLM Web Series attracted over 500 registrants from manufacturers around the world. A live recording of this very successful event series is now available for you to view conveniently from your desktop. Read on to find out more…

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is hailed as the next new business strategy but many companies don't know where to start. This three-part PLM Web Series, sponsored by leading PLM solution provider, Essig PLM, Inc., helps CIOs, CEOs, VPs, Engineering Managers, Directors, and others gain a better understanding of PLM and just what it can do for them.

John Stark delivers clear, concise information to help you understand, justify and build consensus for and implement PLM successfully, with realistic expectations and results. You'll also learn how CAD, PDM, PLM, and ERP complement each other to speed the release of more products, increase innovation, lower costs, boost product revenues, and ultimately help you compete more successfully.

Featured Guest Speakers: Along with John Stark, sessions feature additional speakers from leading manufacturing companies benefiting from PLM, including:

So, if it's time to get your PLM act in gear…
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PLM Introduction/Overview

Running Time: 63:24 minutes

This first session is a must for companies contemplating a PLM strategy or expanding an existing one. John Stark covers what PLM is, why it's becoming so important, how it relates to the product lifecycle - and will help decipher the alphabet soup of product-related acronyms (PDM, PLM, PPM, CAD, etc.). He'll cover the risks of not managing products across the lifecycle, the benefits of getting it right, why PLM can't be avoided, and how to begin developing your PLM strategy. His presentation will be paralleled by two leading manufacturer's, Waterpik and ELCAN Optical Technologies, who've "been there and done it."

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Overcoming the PLM Dilemma

Running Time: 64:20 minutes

Implementing PLM may look like a daunting task and there are all sorts of reasons why it may be difficult to get a PLM project started – lack of resources, lack of executive attention, conflicting views of PLM, overlap with existing projects, etc. This session gives companies the tools and knowledge to elevate their PLM project from a "someday" or a "want to, but can't because" to a reality. John Stark describes how to overcome the roadblocks to PLM success. He discusses ways to handle common PLM dilemmas such as lack of staff, vision and executive attention. He describes the benefits and success metrics achievable with PLM, and addresses the different approaches to getting started with PLM, and typical initial steps on the road to PLM. This session will include a new guest speaker, from another leading manufacturing company, Douglas Machine, who will describe how they've got moving with PLM.

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PLM: Vision & Strategy to Implementation & Use

Running Time: 64:20 minutes

This session is where the rubber meets the road, helping you to rein in your high level PLM vision with succinct suggestions for developing a written PLM Vision, Strategy and Plan. John Stark will help you set clear business-related targets, prioritized for early benefits, addressing step by step what each person in your company - from CEO to PLM initiative Manager - needs to know and do to make your PLM initiative successful. You'll get suggestions on how to approach your PLM strategy and lay out a clear, concise plan, adjusted to your reality, to get people onboard and your PLM Initiative off the ground. (This session refers to a complimentary white paper summary entitled "Top 10 PLM Pitfalls to Avoid". Click Here if you're interested in a copy.)

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