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Addressing Compliance Requirements with ProductCenter

Addressing Compliance Requirements with ProductCenter

The need to support the evolving regulatory compliance requirements and standards in order to sell your products becomes more costly and time consuming every day, often leaving Management to wonder ?Are we managing our compliance requirements or are they managing us?.

Compliance for standards such as International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) not only require documenting your processes, but also adhering to those processes each and every time.

Essig PLM would like to extend an invitation to view our playback of ProductCenter® solution webinar recorded on Wednesday, May 25th 2011. It was presented by Bill Gilchrist, ProductCenter Senior Implementation Services Consultant. This webinar highlights the use of ProductCenter to support compliancy, by automating controls and utilizing audit trails to prevent potential costly delays and penalties.

Topics include:

  • Controls and audit trails for compliance through process automation
  • Watermarking / stamping using an ITAR compliance example
  • Data classification, permission control to achieve compliance in a global organization
  • Customer example leveraging ProductCenter for ITAR compliance