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Enterprise Exposure to the Engineering BOM

Enterprise Exposure to the Engineering BOM

Essig PLM would like to extend an invitation to our ProductCenter® solution webinar recorded on Wednesday, March 30th at 1:00 PM EDT presented by Bill Gilchrist, ProductCenter Senior Implementation Services Consultant. This webinar highlights the management of the Engineering Bill of Materials (eBOM) to improve the manufacturing of your products by providing the tools necessary to create, manage and interface the eBOM to downstream applications such as ERP, MRP and SCM systems.

During this webinar, Essig PLM will present how ProductCenter can improve your ability to manage the Engineering Assembly or Drawing BOM. Early exposure to this critical product information that is created and defined in your MCAD / ECAD applications provides the ability to introduce the BOM to all members of your product development organization and integrate the BOM into your ?Bill of Information? (BOI) as the complete product definition.

Topics Include:

  • Types of cost benefits realized by BOM management
    • Generating the BOM for CAD Drawings and Assemblies
    • Engineering BOM (search BOM Items ? duplicate items)
    • Communication with ERP Systems (eliminate errors in entering data & loading Item Masters)
    • Low cost of ERP Interface / Integrations
    • Creation of other BOM Types
    • Integrated in Change Process
  • Benefits of managing the BOM in ProductCenter
    • BOM Comparing and Reporting
    • Exposure to Product Development
    • Improved Release to Manufacturing Process
    • Early exposure to what is being changed in Engineering and long lead items
  • How to overcome challenges of implementing a BOM management solution

This webinar presents how ProductCenter can facilitate the management and communication of the Engineering Bill of Materials throughout the enterprise.