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Hayward Tyler Motors Along With Essig PLM's ProductCenter® PLM

Hayward Tyler Motors Along With Essig PLM

Essig PLM would like to extend an invitation to our ProductCenter Customer Presentation Webinar Download recorded on Wednesday, April 20th at 11 AM EDT. Hear directly from Hayward Tyler, Inc. (HTI), on how the company successfully executed a ProductCenter implementation to solve numerous data management and process challenges.

Chad Thelen, IT Project Coordinator at HTI, will outline the driving requirements behind the search for a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution and the business challenges met during an Enterprise Software deployment.?

HTI's approach to the ProductCenter implementation, where they are today and where they hope to go in the future with ProductCenter will also be highlighted.? Click here for the Hayward Tyler ProductCenter case study to understand more about HTI.

Topics include:

  • Identifying requirements
  • Compliance
  • Process automation
  • CAD file management
  • Justification process
  • ProductCenter implementation goals
  • Deliverables and cost savings
  • The future of ProductCenter at HTI