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Bill of Information (BOI)

Bill of Information

ProductCenter® Bill of Information

ProductCenter PLM Bill of Information

The biggest gains to be achieved in next generation Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) implementations will be seen by companies that adopt a Bill of Information (BOI) approach which enables the real-time management and reporting from the entire compilation of information at any point along a product's lifecycle - from concept through retirement.

Product companies use the term Bill of Materials (BOM) to describe the components that once assembled, represent a finished product. However, the BOM does not describe how the idea became a product which generated revenue.

With ProductCenter, Essig PLM uses the term Bill of Information.  Like our DNA, the ProductCenter BOI serves as a comprehensive "blue print" for all of the information about the product, its relationships, and dependencies including the Bill of Materials (BOM) definition.

The ProductCenter BOI captures the entire data set required for design, testing, manufacture, delivery, sale, and support of a product throughout its lifecycle. Having all of this information available allows very tailored and specific pieces of information to be presented to various users, groups, departments and suppliers for example.

The ProductCenter BOI will enhance your competitive edge by:

  • Streamlining product data and processes
  • Reducing development cycle times
  • Improving the quality and reliability of the release to manufacturing and time to market

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