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Bill of Information Defined

Bill of Information Defined

ProductCenter PLM Bill of Information

You consider the Bill of Materials (BOM) as the definition of your product but you must capture, document and retain the "deliverables" and "artifacts" created during the product development process to fully define your company's intellectual property.

Deliverables + Artifacts = Finished Product

BOI Deliverables are items produced as a result of the product development process.

BOI Deliverable Examples:

  • Finished Product
  • User Documentation
  • Installation or Service manuals
  • Packaging
  • Drawings
  • CAD Models
  • BOI Artifacts are items required to produce or develop a deliverable, essentially byproducts of the product development process that are left behind when the product ships to market.

BOI Artifact Examples:

  • Sketches
  • Meeting Notes
  • Travel Reports
  • Test Results
  • Engineering Change Orders / Engineering Change Requests (ECO/ECR)
  • Approved Vendor Lists
  • Materials Specifications
  • Physical Prototypes

Product Companies Generate Finished Products that Generate Revenue!

Producing a profitable product is guided by an overall product development process that begins with a concept and at some point in the future, ends with product obsolescence or retirement. The lifecycle of a product, if accurately documented, provides the DNA, or the "blueprint" of how you started, what decisions you made, and how you achieved your end goal. This "blueprint" is the BOI.

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