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ProductCenter User Web Portal Delivers Zero Latency Access to On-Line Data for Aftermarket Product Support

Company Background:

This long-standing Essig PLM customer is a leading global OEM supplier of compressors and turbines (gas and steam) for power generation, co-generation, and mechanical drive applications for well over 75 years.


With thousands of active turbine and compressor units in the field, the need for aftermarket support is critical, as well as a significant source of revenue for this company. Because of the complexity of these products, there are thousands of documents required for the support of each unit in the field, from drawings to technical manuals to field service reports to name just a few. This customer turned to Essig PLM to deliver a ProductCenter solution to help them organize the volumes of documentation associated with each system in the field and to provide immediate, accurate access to this data on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis.

ProductCenter PLM Consulting Solution:

Because of the ubiquitous nature of the Web, a portal solution for accessing a wide variety of data was first proposed in August of 2000. By December of 2000, Essig PLM Professional Services had this custom Web portal I was up and running enabling data access through a very intuitive, yet fine-tuned user interface that reflected the customer's unique business requirements. Drawings, technical manuals, field service reports, and even sales orders are just a few examples of the data readily available to persons with the proper authority.


Through the results of the efforts of Essig PLM's Professional Services, this company was able to achieve:

  • Zero latency online access to data (eliminating phone requests to print room for example)
  • Instant accessibility to company design standards
  • Automated CD creation of technical manuals (for external customer distribution)
  • Watermarking and permission settings automated to prevent access to outdated information
  • ISO 9000 compliance readily achieved and maintained