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Web-based Parts List Editor Helps Leading Aerospace Manufacturer Meet Customer Requirements for Delivery of Information

Company Background:

This long-standing Essig PLM customer is a diverse provider of home, commercial and government electronic systems. ProductCenter is currently implemented in a major division of this company that produces commercial aviation products.


As a general contractual requirement, this group's Technical Publications Group must provide their airframe manufacturer customers (Boeing, Airbus, Fokker, etc) with detailed breakout drawings and reports of every component shipped. The drawings and reports must also comply with government regulations. Due to the complexity of its products, the assembly of this information can be very challenging and time consuming at best. The company was looking at a way to expedite this process.

ProductCenter PLM Consulting Solution:

ProductCenter® PLM WebLink was used to create what the company calls its Computer Aided Parts System (CAPS), which replaced a paper based systems for distributing information from engineering to other areas of the company. Essig PLM Professional Services recently developed an Illustrated Parts List Editor add-on to this system, which uses information from a BOM editing system, and provides the Technical Publications staff with a faster and easier means to edit the BOM parts list to delivery specifications.

  • Completed a JD Edwards to ProductCenter data migration and integration
  • Implemented engineering BOM export/import capabilities that enabled the two-way exchange of BOM data between ProductCenter and the company's JD Edwards system
  • Automated engineering change orders through use of ProductCenter® PLM Workflow
  • Developed a simple-to-use Web based ProductCenter Search/View application, which enabled authorized individuals to very quickly locate and research product information


Through the results of the efforts of Essig PLM's Professional Services, this company was able to achieve:

  • Automate generation of various reports required by their air frame customers, which has cut the time it takes to assemble this information considerably