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Essig PLM’s alliance and business partnerships play an essential role in our ability to deliver software solutions and services that provide value to our customers.  These partnerships along with a high level of cooperation and technology exchange among our complementary solution providers, allow Essig PLM to develop successful customer relationships and business opportunities.

Alliance Partners

Essig PLM’s alliance partnerships provide the tools and resources needed to continually develop and deliver quality software solutions and services. Our customers benefit from a strong integration of Essig PLM’s software capabilities with the applications used daily by systems that perform reliably together release after release.

Essig PLM also has cooperative partnerships with industry leading operating system and platform suppliers such as Microsoft to ensure optimum operation and performance with these products. In cooperation with these partners and prior to software release, our solutions are thoroughly tested on each platform and operating system to ensure compatibility and a quick, smooth deployment or upgrade for our customers.

Business Partners

Essig PLM partners with an extensive network of Value Added Resellers and Distributors throughout the world. Essig PLM’s partners are trained to perform as a direct extension of our sales and support organizations to provide you with outstanding customer sales, service, and support.

Our partners can answer any questions you have on Essig PLM solutions, respond to your sales quotation needs, and help get your Essig PLM solution up and running and delivering business benefit very quickly. Essig PLM reseller and distribution partners also add unique value in that in addition to Essig PLM product expertise, many also offer specialized skills in vertical markets and other related applications such as high-speed networks and systems integration. They know your market, have expertise in our products, and offer the added benefit of being in close proximity to you.

For additional information and a regionalized list of our reseller and distribution partners please see below. And if you would like to find out more about becoming a Essig PLM Value reseller or distribution partner, please contact us at info@essigplm.com.


Javelin Technologies

Contact: Mario Vetere

3457 Superior Court, Unit 1
Oakville, ON L6L 0C4, Canada

Ph: (905) 815-1906

Products: Connectors for Aras


Minerva Danmark A/S

Hasselager Centervej 29
DK-8260  Viby J

Ph: +45 7025 4400
Support: +45 7025 4401
Email: lla@minerva-plm.com
Support: support@minerva-plm.com
Press: presse@minerva.dk

Products: Connectors for Aras


ADS, Inc.

8F, Kousan Building
1-17-13 Tsukiji
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0045


Products: Connectors for Aras

New Zealand

Matrix Applied Computing Ltd

PO Box 56-316, Auckland 1446
Unit 2-5, 72 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden,
Auckland 1024, New Zealand

Ph: +64 9 623 1223
Fx: +64 9 623 1134
Email: aras-sales@matrix.co.nz

Products: Connectors for Aras


Linneman Technologies Inc.

Unit 208 2nd Floor Gold Tree Blg.
14-A Sta. Rita Cor. Canal Road
CBD Area Subic Bay Freeport
Zone, 2222 Philippines

Phone: +63 (047) 251-3498
Email: lti@linneman.essig.com

Products: ProductCenter

Puerto Rico

Essig PR

Rincon 00677
Puerto Rico

Phone: (787) 823-0709
Email: info@essig.com

Products: ProductCenter

South Korea

Zionex, Inc.

R&D Tower 908
Nuritkum Square
1605 Sangam-dong
Seoul, Korea. 121-270

Ph: +82-2-523-1203
Fx: +82-2-523-7530

Products: Connectors for Aras


Essig Research


1 Tara Blvd, Suite 104
Nashua, NH 03062

Phone: (978) 203-5150
Email: info@essig.com

Products: ProductCenter



3766 Fishcreek Rd
Suite 291
Stow, Ohio 44224

Ph: 330-676-0022

Products: Connectors for Aras



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    Technology or business issues may require that this Privacy Policy be modified from time to time. Accordingly, Essig PLM reserves the right to change the policy as necessary. Any changes made in Essig PLM’s Privacy Policy will be reflected here. Please check this page periodically for updates.


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    Essig PLM
    1 Tara Blvd, Suite 104
    Nashua, NH 03062
    Phone: (978) 203-5150