Connectors for PLM

Connectors for PLM Support Services

The Connectors for PLM Customer Support organization is comprised of dedicated team of PLM technical support engineers, consultants, and trainers who are ready to assist you, answer your questions, work with you on a consultancy basis, or meet your PLM training needs.

Contact Support

Phone: (978) 203-5152


Online Support

Essig PLM also provides web portal access for on demand PLM support. If you are a customer on support, simply register for an account and specify that you are a customer.  We will review your submission within 24 hours and grant you access accordingly. You may also e-mail us at:

Connectors for PLM Support
Subscription Service

Essig PLM’s Connectors for PLM products and services require an active Connectors for PLM Subscription and will require an active Aras Subscription Package.

A. Technical Support Services

  1. Access to the Connectors for PLM Technical Support Line during regularly scheduled hours of coverage (7:00 am – 7:00 pm Eastern US Time Zone, Mon. – Fri., excluding Essig PLM holidays), which includes telephonic and email support for:
    • Technical questions
    • Software bug reporting and validation
    • Software enhancement requests
    • Software installations and upgrades
    • Related database migration and/or restoration questions
    • Related networking and performance questions
    • Platform support and related systems questions
    • Requests for software releases and/or documentation
  2. Response Times for issues reported to the Connectors for PLM Technical Support, are:
    • Within 2 hours for Critical Production Impacting Issues
    • Within 4 hours for Urgent Issues that are not directly impacting production
    • Within 1 Business Day for all other issues reported
  3. Access to Technical Support Web site, which includes the following services:
    • On-line access to documentation and product notices
    • On-line access to product support information including Release Notes, Patch Notes, and FAQ’s
    • Automatic distribution of Customer Alerts (service bulletins)


  1. The Connectors for PLM Annual Subscription Support Services is subject to the terms and conditions contained herein, the applicable current Essig PLM Quotation and the customer’s current click-wrapped Connectors for PLM License Agreement.
  2. Connectors for PLM Annual Subscription Support Services must be purchased annually in advance for all software licenses installed at a customer site.
  3. Subscription Support Services will not be provided to customers who are not current on the Connectors for PLM Subscription. Also, Essig PLM will not provide consulting and training services if the customer is not current on the Connectors for PLM Subscription.


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