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The Comprehensive Bill of Information

Companies that adopt a Bill of Information (BOI) approach with their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) implementations will achieve the biggest gains. The BOI enables the real-time management and reporting from the entire collection of information at any point along a product’s lifecycle – from concept through retirement. Essig PLM’s white paper, The Comprehensive Bill of Information, provides insight into the fundamental concepts that make up a BOI, which serves as the “blueprint” that describes your finished product. To fully define your company’s intellectual property it is essential to capture, document and retain the BOI.

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The 3R's of PLM

The 3R’s of PLM white paper is geared towards decision makers in all types of product development companies who are looking to improve business practices, global competitiveness and the bottom line. In today’s competitive global market, companies are implementing PLM to streamline processes, which positively impacts productivity, quality and time to market. Within this white paper, Essig PLM identifies three essential elements of justifying a PLM initiative, the 3R’s: 1. Recognize the Need, 2. Retain your Intellectual Property, 3. Realize the Return on Investment.

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Automating Part Number Generation

By managing part numbers in a Product Lifecycle Management system such as Essig PLM’s ProductCenter PLM solution, you create a competitive advantage in your product development process and downstream applications by providing early visibility to part number specific information such as material, cost, vendors, physical properties and contractual requirements. ProductCenter as the central source of your company’s Bill of Information, as defined by your intellectual property and business processes, not only improves productivity but also accelerates and reduces the cost of delivering products to market.

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ProductCenter PLM Technical Summary

This paper discusses implementing and integrating ProductCenter PLM with your existing legacy data and applications in a distributed environment. It overviews ProductCenter PLM data modeling and other advanced capabilities, such as version/revision control, workflow, and Bill of Materials management, as well as the adaptation of ProductCenter PLM to suit your unique requirements. With ProductCenter, you’ll improve your competitive advantage with benefits that include reduced costs, shortened development cycles, higher quality products, and improved customer responsiveness. ProductCenter installs readily and works within familiar applications, so your users will be up and running with PLM quickly.

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Product Lifecycle Management

Companies are adopting PLM solutions to meet a variety of challenges. They are finding that PLM helps them deal with daunting growth, global operations, and highly competitive market demands. Check out this PLM white paper to learn what to look for in a PLM solution to avoid common pitfalls and lock in a successful PLM implementation that meets your needs.

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Extending the Value of MCAD with Collaborative with Product Lifecycle Management

Advanced mechanical CAD solutions permit you to develop more and more complex products. The upside is that you can satisfy market demands for diverse variations and options in less time. The downside is that you require increasingly advanced configuration systems to handle the complexity. Especially useful for companies operating in a mixed CAD environment, explore this PLM white paper to learn how a PLM solution will help you gain quick control over and this highly complex data to maximize your competitiveness.

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PLM Strategies for Supporting Compliance Requirements

As a product developer and manufacturer, you know the complexities of introducing new products to the market. Not only are you faced with the faster time to market challenge to stay competitive, but you have the compounded task of adhering to the ever-increasing strict regulations and compliance requirements that can be complex and are continually evolving. Some may even say that compliance is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. This PLM white paper is a valuable resource for any security conscious company.

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Forrester Discrete Manufacturing PLM Wave

Aras cited as a Leader for Strategy and Current Offering, and among the highest scorers in specific categories, download the report to learn more.

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Achieving Value Faster with Aras PLM and Agile Methodologies

With Aras PLM’s market-leading flexibility coupled with the responsiveness of Agile deployment methods your PLM project will achieve greater success in a shorter timeframe. With active engagement, everyone from stakeholders to team members and end users are on the same page.

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The Aras PLM Platform

Discover why global corporations are turning to the Aras PLM Platform to reduce costs, mitigate risk, and shorten time to market.

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Model-Based SOA White Paper

Learn about Aras Innovator’s proven enterprise application framework for PLM: a model-based service-oriented architecture [SOA] .

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Making the Connection: The How-To's of Connecting Suppliers, Partners, and Manufacturers

Product complexity has skyrocketed over the last ten years and it continues to rise as electronics and software dominate and IOT becomes a reality. According to Gartner, the shift in product complexity has resulted in more than 8.4B connected “things” signing online in 2017 with 20.4B online by 2020. To conquer product complexity, manufacturers are undergoing a digital transformation to develop and market connected products and remain competitive.

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Top 10 Business Reasons for Implementing PLM

John Stark Associates and Essig PLM White Paper

This paper reveals the top 10 reasons to implement PLM in your company. As you read through it, you may identify some areas of your company that could potentially benefit through the use of a solid PLM solution. In order to deliver you the best resource of information, Essig PLM has once again teamed up with leading PLM authority, consultant and speaker John Stark of John Stark Associates. Top 10 Business Reasons for Implementing PLM also addresses ways to keep your product data under control, maximize resources, and increase revenue.

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10 Critical PLM Facts Every Executive Should Know

An Executive Briefing PLM White Paper

This paper is a follow-on to the Top 10 PLM Pitfalls to Avoid white paper summary. Written by leading PLM authority, author, consultant, and speaker John Stark of John Stark Associates (, this paper will quickly bring you up to speed on PLM. It lays out what PLM is, what it isn’t, and what PLM can realistically do for your business in terms of financial and business performance. It provides practical knowledge on how to get your PLM initiative staffed, organized, up and running and delivering maximum business benefit in as little time as possible.

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Top 10 PLM Pitfalls to Avoid

John Stark Associates and Essig PLM White Paper

Based on years of experience guiding thousands of companies to PLM success – well before PLM was even acronym, Dr. John Stark ( and Essig PLM have laid out 10 simple but very powerful “PLM Pitfalls to Avoid”. Downloaded by leading manufacturers and covered in major industry publications around the globe, this paper has helped many companies and can help you steer your PLM initiative around common hurdles and pitfalls that might otherwise cost you time and money, and stand in your way to PLM success.

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