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Process Management

The ability to automate and accelerate repeatable, mistake-proof business processes such as design and change approval is, or should be, standard operating procedure. Process management standardizes and automates product development and release processes across your company.

Process management with PLM enables companies to save considerable amounts of time and costs associated to product development schedules and changes, while keeping efforts in check. This is the basis for continuous improvement.

Enabling visibility into the process status, providing notifications for work assignments as well as reminders ensures accountability and efficiencies throughout the organization.

Auditability, electronic sign-off and the ability to build escalation into the defined processes addresses regulatory requirements such as ISO and FDA.

  • Process Management

    Early visibility into the product development process, leading to less re-design, fewer change orders and more re-use.

  • Process Management
    Hayward Tyler

    Release process reduced by 50% through accurate access to product design information and streamlined processes.

  • Process Management
    Esterline CMC Electronics

    Documentation packages for customers cut from five man-weeks to less than one man-day.

  • Process Management

    Automates engineering change management to improve communications, streamline release to manufacturing, and reduce costly errors.

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