Cloud Enabled

Companies are constantly assessing their solution landscape and looking for opportunities to streamline their infrastructure, take advantage of new technology and leverage off-site data centers or cloud services.  Ensuring that enterprise applications allow for multiple deployment options is now the new normal.   Essig PLM offers PLM solutions that can be deployed on-site, cloud (public or private) or a hybrid approach to meet your business requirements as they evolve.

Each deployment option provides configuration options such as:

  • Leveraging existing enterprise hardware and database investments and infrastructure
  • Keeping vaults on site and behind the firewall to address security requirements
  • Deploy and manage PLM in the cloud

Essig PLM has worked with customers to deploy solutions leveraging Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as other cloud service providers.


A cloud computing model in which an enterprise uses a proprietary architecture and runs cloud servers within its own data center.


Single-tenant architecture

On-premises hardware

Direct control of underlying

Cloud infrastructure


HPE, VMware, Dell EMC, IBM, Red Hat, Microsoft, OpenStack


A cloud computing model that includes a mix of on-premises, private cloud and third-party, public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms.


Cloud bursting capabilities

benefits of both public and private environments


A combination of both public and private cloud providers


A cloud computing model in which a third-party provider makes compute resources available to the general public over the internet. With public cloud, enterprises do not have to set up and maintain their own cloud servers in house.


Multi-tenant architecture

Pass-as-you-go pricing model


AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform

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