Windchill enables companies to transform from multi-disciplinary product data silos into a single solution enabling innovation, collaboration, control and compliance across the enterprise.

Windchill benefits:

  • Comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality
  • Secure management of products and configurations
  • Highly configurable role and task based applications
  • Smart, connected enterprise foundation
  • Digital thread
  • Open architecture integrated with enterprise domain applications

Essig PLM has decades of experience working with customers to define their PLM strategy, execute requirements definition, and support the implementation and deployment.

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  • Multi-CAD PLM
  • Document Management
  • Process Management
  • Bill of Materials Management
  • Visualization & Collaboration
  • Supplier Management
  • Quality Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Ideation Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Manufacturing Process Management
  • Service Data Management
Windchill PLM as Foundation for Digital Transformation
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PTC Digital Manages Physical

Management of model-based communication such as ECAD/MCAD, documents, and other associated information is the basis of effective Product Data Management, which leads to easily accessible information that is centrally managed, well organized, access controlled and subject to best practice, standardized processes.

  • Speed time to market with a single source for 3D design collaboration
  • Simplify with a single underlying tool
  • Reduce costs by simplifying the software tool landscape
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The Bill of Materials (BOM) is the complete, multidisciplinary digital product definition and does not stand alone but is integrally tied to the rest of the product information. Windchill’s system links BOM items to CAD or to documentation or to replacement parts in a way that makes maintenance and navigation of the complete product data simple and intuitive.

  • Streamline access to product data
  • Standardize processes
  • Manage change
  • Reduce scrap, rework, waste, redundancy
  • Improve searching
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Windchill’s BOM Transformation capabilities address the challenges of managing the several Bills of Material (Engineering, Manufacturing Planning, and Service) for any given product.

  • Collaboration across the lifecycle speeding delivery
  • Speed transformation of BOM for many views
  • Single source for change across the teams
  • Access to accurate 3D data reduces time and cost
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Windchill Parts Classification allows companies to build meaningful classification taxonomies for their parts database. Each part is classified at the point of creation leading to a well-organized database of well-described parts. Classified parts can be easily found later for re-use in other products.

The part classification taxonomy can also be used to automatically build standard names for parts in the system which improves clarity and communication between teams.

  • Fast and efficient searching to find and reuse
  • Standardize parts classification to reduce duplicate parts
  • Leverage high quality parts
  • Reduce carrying costs

Windchill Component & Supplier Management allows customers to build a database of supplier data along with a ranking of each supplier. Customer part numbers can then be associated with one or more Manufacturer Part Number or Vendor Part Number.

The AML/AVL and preferred supplier information is then immediately visible to engineers who are making part selections in the design of new or improved products. This direct, seamless communication between supplier information and engineer allows the business to make the best possible choices during part selection and drive down cost by improving purchasing power through economies of scale, allowing companies to:

  • Rationalize part, material, and supplier diversity, thereby reducing complexity
  • Standardize the definition of supplier profiles across the organization
  • Speed communication between engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain management
  • Optimize both supplier selection and new component / new supplier introduction

Windchill’s Project Management and Collaboration provides the entire enterprise with visibility into projects status, schedules, milestones, critical assets, and requirements to support on-time, on-budget deliverables.

  • Better manage resources and budgets for on-time delivery
  • Automate project execution
  • Connect deliverables for traceability
  • Ensure resources allocated meet project goals
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Windchill Platform Structures deliver a Strategic approach to streamlined product development leveraging platform design. This allows product manufacturing companies to manage the complex process of describing and building product variants, where a rules-driven approach is used to define valid combinations of options. Since each product variant can be constructed and evaluated digitally, this approach dramatically reduces errors that may otherwise not be detected until manufacturing.

  • Create variants for regional markets; engineer to order
  • Personalize products to customers and markets more easily
  • Meet quality and compliance demands across regions
  • Reduce undesired variability, complexity and costs

Windchill Quality integrates the quality functions such as FMEA, FRACAS and Risk Analysis into the engineering process, making quality data readily available to engineering. This Data-driven design mode leverages predicted and actual values for quality, reliability and risk.

  • Ensures compliance with government and industry standards for quality, safety
  • Builds-in quality leveraging design-stage analysis and past lessons learned
  • Reduces product risks and achieve high levels of safety through rigorous analyses
  • Drives repeatability, efficiency, reduced cost and profitability of quality efforts
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Windchill Manufacturing Planning integrates the Manufacturing Planning process seamlessly with the single source of design data. This means that all available design information, such as BOM’s CAD Models and documentation, can be directly leveraged in the Manufacturing Planning process for the creation of mBOM, Process Plans and work instructions which, because they link to the CAD model data, are highly visual and therefore easier to read and interpret.

  • Ensure repeatability and scale
  • Drive changes from manufacturing to design sooner
  • Easily produce process plans and work instructions from the mBOM
  • Ensure quality requirements from design to manufacturing
  • Improve output, reduce ECOs
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    Technology or business issues may require that this Privacy Policy be modified from time to time. Accordingly, Essig PLM reserves the right to change the policy as necessary. Any changes made in Essig PLM’s Privacy Policy will be reflected here. Please check this page periodically for updates.


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